You Need An Insurance Professional

There are many Tech companies trying to enter the Car Insurance and Home Insurance space across the country.  InsureTech is a new age of insurance company using only technology for a more Amazon like experience.  Who doesn’t love Amazon? I do. This new product enables you to make your own insurance policy.  Ask yourself?  Are you qualified to make your own insurance policy?  Trust me on this, you need a professional now more than ever specifically for your car and home insurance needs in the state of Minnesota.  


Minnesota Home Insurance Has Special Needs

I’m not just talking about someone that calls themselves an insurance agent.  There are a lot of insurance agents, but there are fewer insurance professionals.  You definitely need more than the representative that answers the phone at the (800) direct insurance company.  Who doesn’t love shopping online. Amazon is the greatest. They’ve revolutionized shopping. Shopping for your home insurance through Amazon, Google or any other online platform is a huge mistake with your largest investment.  Are you going to know the coverage that you need for your home insurance? With Minnesota Home Insurance, there are very specific coverage needs due to the various weather events in this state. 

Purchasing home insurance online is not the same as buying clothes, shoes or anything else that you like to buy online. You are buying a specific legal contract to help protect your home and your family.  Unless you have an insurance education, you will not know what questions to ask and what coverage to apply. You cannot properly insure your home if you don’t understand what you are buying. In today’s home insurance market, it can be challenging for an experienced insurance agent to insure your home properly.  Insurance companies are making changes to their policy coverage every year.  You need a professional to apply the best available coverage to your home insurance policy.  

An Insurance Professional Finds Best Home Insurance Available

An Insurance Professionals job is to protect you as best as possible from large financial losses with your home insurance and your car insurance.  I’m not interested in just making a sale.  I’m not interested in making your insurance policy as cheap as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to find you the best available policy at the best price possible. I don’t want you to overpay, I don’t like to overpay for things either. Fortunately, because we work with the best insurance companies in the business, we are often able to provide the best available policy and price. Not the best priced insurance policy.  It is difficult to keep up with the constant changes in the industry as someone who is a self proclaimed insurance nerd.  

Buy your home insurance from a professional that is looking out for your best interest. Use a professional that considers quality over quantity.  A company with a slogan of “we’ll save you 15% in 15 minutes” may not be concerned with getting the job done right. That is more consistent with getting the job done cheap. When your home is severely damaged, you don’t want the tech company that set you up with a cheap insurance policy. You want to be insured with the guy that got it done right.   

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