You Don’t Need to Bundle Your Car & Home Insurance

This is the opposite from what you hear on every insurance commercial.  Other than the discount on both the car insurance and home insurance, there is no other coverage benefit.  If this is true, than there is no reason to have your car and home insurance with the same insurance company.   

Because we are an independent insurance agency, when we quote your car and home insurance, we quote with 12 different insurance companies.  We find that only about 50 percent of the time it makes sense to package your car and home insurance with the same insurance company.   In our insurance agency, we write a lot of bundled policies with Safeco Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Auto Owners Insurance and Travelers Insurance.  

The other 50% of the time we are able to write the car insurance with one insurance company and the home insurance with another company.  If you are able to save $400 plus by separating your policies, doesn’t it make sense to keep the insurance policies separate?  We think so.  When we add an umbrella insurance policy, we will need to write that with the same insurance company as the car insurance policy.   This is the way that most insurance companies require it.  

Car Insurance and home insurance rates can fluctuate so much from year to year, it is a good practice to shop your insurance policies to make sure that you are not paying far too much when you don’t have to. My insurance agent friends will say that price is not the most important thing with an insurance policy. This is very true. However, in our insurance agency, we only work with “A” rated insurance companies. I will not sell you a policy that doesn’t fit your need just so you can save money. Making sure that you are protected properly is our number one goal. If Travelers Insurance is offering you a better rate than the company that you are currently insured with on your home insurance, than I will recommend to take the Travelers Home Insurance policy because I know it is a good home insurance policy. If it makes sense to keep your car insurance with Progressive, than we will keep your car insurance with Progressive Insurance.

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