When Do I Add My Teen Driver To Car Insurance

The answer is when they receive their drivers license. Many parents want to add their new driver when they obtain their permit, but we cannot technically list the young driver to the policy until they pass their driver license exam.

Most Insurance Companies will want to capture this information of your young driver. They can be added as a non-driver and non-rated driver before the age of 16. In fact, some insurance companies want the names and dates of birth of all the children in the household so they can flag your car insurance account when your child becomes the legal driving age.

This is a hot button issue for most insurance companies. A youthful driver a significantly higher risk to have an accident. Because of the inexperience of these young drivers, many of these car insurance accidents tend to be larger accidents, which in turn have a much higher cost to the insurance company. If the young driver is not listed on the car insurance policy, the insurance company feels that they are not adequately rating for the risk in this household.

Affordable Young Driver Insurance

Is there cheap car insurance for young or teen drivers? The short answer is not really. But getting good grades certainly helps. Maintaining a accident or moving violation free record also greatly helps. Maintaining a clean record will also greatly help your cost to decrease faster than if you should have a small accident or receive a speeding ticket.

It also helps to shop your car insurance with Young Drivers. Car Insurance rates fluctuate so it helps to shop every once in a while to make sure that you are not paying too much.

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