What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Why do you hear some insurance agents say that they are Independent Insurance Agents.  You never here an Allstate, Farmers, State Farm Agent say that they are a Captive Agent.  A Captive Agent just means that the insurance agent works with one insurance company.  An independent insurance agent can work with any insurance company that they have a contract to write insurance with.

What is a Captive Insurance Agent?

A Captive Insurance Agent works for one insurance company. This means they are “captive” to that insurance company. The captive insurance agent is restricted to offering one car insurance, one home insurance, one business insurance product.  A captive insurance agent must write the insurance product that their employer provides. If this insurance company increases their car insurance or home insurance 100% over the last year, they are tied to this auto or home insurance product. If you are an insurance customer of this agent, they cannot offer you anything else. Time to start shopping the insurance.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An Independent Insurance Agent is able to write insurance with multiple insurance companies. This gives the independent agent a distinct advantage over the captive insurance agent.  An independent agent can offer a number of different insurance quotes and a number of different insurance policies to potential insurance customers. It also enables the Independent Insurance agent to provide insurance policy options. If Nationwide Insurance has the best insurance quote for me, they may not have the best insurance quote for my neighbor. Maybe Progressive Insurance has the best insurance quote for my neighbor. Because the independent agent has options, we don’t have write the car insurance and home insurance with the same insurance company.

Best Insurance Quotes

Having this variety of insurance policy options is extremely important in today’s insurance climate because insurance policies are changing.  Home Insurance rates are changing. Many Insurance Companies are removing coverage.  If you are a captive insurance agent, you may not be able to offer the coverage that one of your customers needs.  An Independent insurance agent has the options to find the coverage that an insurance customer needs.   As an independent insurance agent, we are able to find the best insurance policy that fits an insurance customer. A captive insurance agent can only offer their one auto insurance or home insurance policy.

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