What Happens When an Employee Is Injured At Work?

When an employee get injured at work is what Work Comp is for. This is why Minnesota businesses are required to carry work comp insurance.  Work Comp has two primary functions. To pay for employee medical bills and compensate them if they are going to be out of work.

Filing A Work Comp Insurance Claim

When an employee is injured at work, they are required to go see a doctor.  When they go to the doctor, they inform the doctor’s office that this was a work related injury. The employee should be prepared to give the Doctors office the employer information as well as the information of the workers compensation policy.  The doctor’s office will prepare to bill the work comp insurance company for the office visit expense.  All medical expenses as a result of this work related injury should be covered under this workers compensation policy. 


Compensation for Missing Work

If the employee is not able to return to work, then they will be compensated for the lost time at work from the work comp insurance policy.   The employee does not receive the same amount of wage from the workers comp policy. The compensation is generally 66% of what the normal wage would be.  The amount of time missed from work starts with the Doctor’s diagnosis.  The Doctor will determine if the employee of is able to return to work and if they should be working as “Light Duty”  

What Can Your Business do When an Employee is Injured

For the small business that carries the workers compensation insurance policy, what is your responsibility? As the employer, you are responsible to fill out the First Report of Injury. The First Report of Injury is filed with the Work Comp Insurance Company to start the claim. From there the Workers Comp Insurance Company will work with the Doctors office to make payment for the medical damages. The Insurance Company will also work with the insured employee if there will be time missed from work and set up compensation payments. They will also set up a timeline for a return to work.

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