Umbrella Liability Insurance

You may have heard of this type of insurance policy. If you haven’t, it is additional liability insurance above and beyond your car insurance and home insurance liability. It may just be very important to your bottom line.

This insurance policy protects you from a lawsuit if you’ve had a large loss. The greatest risk that you have to your personal wealth is being sued as the result of a large insurance claim. Example, your inexperienced driving son or daughter is at fault in a car accident. The person that they are involved in an accident breaks their hand and is not able to work for 3 years or ever. You can be sued for injured persons lost wages along with the medical bills. When this exceeds your bodily injury car insurance liability, this can come out of your own pocket. This is how the Umbrella can protect your assets. An Umbrella policy covers this excess liability.

This is why we recommend to carry high liability limits on your car insurance and to max out the liability on your home insurance. In fact, if you are going to take out an umbrella policy, most insurance companies will require you to carry a certain level of liability on your Auto Insurance and Home Insurance.

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