Home Insurance: What Is Covered With My HO 6 Policy?

As a townhome or condo owner, there are unique insurance coverage needs that differ from your standard single family home insurance policy. This homeowners insurance policy provides protection tailored to the specific requirements of condo and townhome living. Here’s a detailed look at what HO-6 insurance covers and why it’s important for townhome and condo owners.

What is HO-6 Insurance?

HO-6 insurance is designed specifically for condominium and townhome owners. Unlike homeowners insurance, which covers the entire structure of a house, in most cases HO-6 insurance covers the interior of your unit and your personal belongings. It also provides liability coverage and protection against certain damages.

Key Coverages of an HO-6 Policy

  1. Dwelling Coverage
    • Interior Structures: HO-6 insurance covers the interior walls, flooring, and ceilings of your unit. This coverage kicks in if these parts of your home are damaged by a covered peril, such as fire, water or vandalism.
    • Upgrades and Improvements: Any upgrades or renovations you’ve made to your unit, such as new countertops or custom fixtures, are typically covered, if you have increased your building coverage properly to account for this additional limit.
  2. Personal Property Coverage
    • This covers your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, and clothing, if they are damaged or stolen. It’s important to ensure you have enough coverage to replace all your possessions.
  3. Liability Coverage
    • This provides protection if someone is injured while in your condo or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. It helps cover legal fees and medical expenses if you’re found liable.
  4. Loss of Use Coverage
    • If your condo becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril, this coverage helps pay for additional living expenses, such as hotel stays and meals, until you can return home.
  5. Loss Assessment Coverage
    • This is a unique feature of HO-6 policies. It helps cover your share of any special assessments levied by your condo association for damages to common areas or shared structures. The most common usage of the Loss Assessment coverage is to pay for the large Home Owners Association coverage Deductible. This large HOA deductible becomes a shared expensed amongst the unit owners.

Why HO-6 Insurance is Essential

  • Protection Beyond the Association’s Policy: Your condo association likely has a master policy that covers the building’s exterior and common areas. However, this policy does not cover the interior of your unit or your personal belongings. HO-6 insurance fills this gap.
  • Personal Liability: Without personal liability coverage, you could be financially responsible for injuries or damages that occur within your unit.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your home and belongings are protected against unexpected events provides significant peace of mind.

Tips for Choosing HO-6 Insurance

  1. Assess Your Coverage Needs: Take an inventory of your personal belongings and evaluate the cost of potential upgrades and improvements to ensure adequate coverage.
  2. Understand Your Association’s Policy: Review your condo association’s master policy to understand what is covered and what isn’t, so you can tailor your HO-6 policy accordingly. Specifically review what the HOA Building Coverage. It will use terms such as Walls In (which means you are responsible for covering everything from the sheetrock in) or All In, (which means the association covers 100% of the building coverage, with the exception of building upgrades from the builders grade materials.
  3. Compare Quotes: Shop around and compare quotes from different insurance providers to find the best coverage at the most competitive price.
  4. Consider Endorsements: Depending on your needs, you might want to consider endorsements for additional coverage, such as water backup or identity theft protection.


HO-6 insurance is a home insurance protection plan for the townhome or condo owner. It provides essential coverage for your unit’s interior, personal belongings, and liability, ensuring that you are well-protected against unforeseen events. By understanding and selecting the right HO-6 policy, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on enjoying your home.

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