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What’s Covered for Home Insurance?

You have home insurance to repair your home from being damaged.  Fire, Wind, Hail, Water are the primary causes of loss for a home insurance policy.  Home insurance will repair or replace your roof, siding, carpeting, walls or whatever else becomes damaged from one of these covered losses.  Home Insurance will not cover what would be considered a maintenance issue.  If your garage door stops working, it will not replace your garage door.  If a tree branch slams into your garage door from a windstorm and stops working, than the garage door is covered for repair.  The key words in a home insurance policy for something being a covered loss are sudden and accidental.  If there is a loss that is sudden and accidental, it should be covered by your home insurance.  

Does my Home Insurance cover my personal things?

Your personal property is also covered under your home insurance policy. The same coverage rules apply to your personal property when it comes to claims.  If you were to tip your home upside down, everything that falls out is your personal property. Theft of personal property is also covered by your Minnesota Home Insurance Policy. However it is subject to your home insurance policy deductible.

There are many coverage parts to your home insurance.  The repair or replacement of your damaged property is the number one function.  There are also  Liability, Loss of Use, Separate Structures and Guest Medical.

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