Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage on your Car Insurance policy is one of the two parts of coverage limits that protect your vehicle should it be damaged.  If your car is damaged from Vandalism, Theft, Hail Damage, falling object or perhaps the most common comprehensive claim is colliding with a Deer, than the car will be repaired under the Comprehensive coverage of your car insurance policy.  

Comprehensive is sometimes consider as “Acts of God” coverage or “Other than Moving Accident” coverage.  The collision with a deer or other animal is the one exception.  In  Minnesota, next to windshield replacements, deer collisions are the most common type of comprehensive claims.  Minnesota is one of the highest risk states for Deer accidents.  

Typically you will carry a $500 or $250 Deductible on your comprehensive coverage on your Auto Insurance policy.  The deductible is the amount that you will pay before the insurance company pays out to fix your vehicle damage.  

Your windshield is also covered under the comprehensive coverage. You may have heard the term full glass coverage. This is a coverage under your comprehensive car insurance. However, full glass coverage is not automatic. This is an optional coverage that must be added to your Minnesota Car Insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance is one of two coverage limits that make up what is known as physical damage coverage on your auto insurance policy.  The other is Collision Coverage.

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