Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Driving Tips to Help Save Money on Teen Drivers

A young driver in the household is always nerve racking for a family.  It can also be expensive on your car insurance. It is very important for a few reasons for your teen driver to avoid moving violations and accident free. When teen drivers have an accident the family car insurance can increase up to 75% for some insurance companies. It’s important for a youthful driver to learn good driving habits early to avoid this type of activity. Here are some tips for your teenage driver to stay safe and help keep those car insurance costs down.  

  • Avoid distractions.  Distractions from your phone and other passengers are the two biggest causes of teen driving accidents.   
  • Look Ahead and Behind You 
  • Avoid Fast Starts and Stops.  Waiting too long to apply the break, especially in the winter months in Minnesota can cause those small rear end accidents.  
  • Double Check your Blind Spots 
  • Keep an eye on Road Signs 
  • Don’t Tailgate.  Allow plenty of room for the car in front you.  
  • Slow Down
  • Drive Defensively.  People drive crazy.  Don’t expect them to do the right thing.   

Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

We work with the best insurance companies in the state of Minnesota that offer really good car insurance programs for families with young drivers. Progressive Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Auto owners Insurance can all have really good insurance policies.

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