Business Insurance Review

Yes, just like your car and home insurance policies that you should review every year, you should review your business insurance and your workers compensation every year.

3 Reasons to Review your Business Insurance

1) Look for Insurance Policy Weaknesses

This means that you should review for coverage areas that you have inadequate coverage. Have you added more business personal property, some equipment, made improvements? So many businesses forget to add new property to their insurance which leaves them underinsured for their property.

2) Workers Compensation

Work Comp should be reviewed and analyzed every year. Work Comp Insurance is based on business operation, job performance of employee and total payroll. If you have had a good experience (no insurance claims), you may be eligible for some large discounts on your Work Comp Insurance.

3) You may be paying too much

An Insurance Company may change their rates over the course of a year or they may decide that they no longer want a certain type of business. A review will help identify these changes. Your insurance agent should be able to recognize the increase in coverage and find another insurance market or insurance company that is more suitable. If you are an experienced business that has not have any claims in recent years, you may be eligible for additional discounts.

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