Best Home Insurance 2022

Minnesota Home Insurance Policies change every year.  Both pricing and policy coverage are reviewed every year by Insurance companies. This means that from an insurance coverage and pricing perspective the best insurance companies their policy coverage and pricing every year.

Minnesota Home Insurance

With these changes, in my opinion the best home insurance company so far in 2022 is Safeco Home Insurance. This may not be true across the country but in Minnesota, Safeco Insurance offers a very comprehensive policy for coverage and the home insurance quotes that we are seeing have been amongst the best when compared to all insurance companies that we work with.  Their home insurance quote is not necessarily the best for every home insurance policy that we quote, but it is usually in the top 3.   

A 3rd piece of this equation is their ease of doing business. Safeco insurance has improved their automation process to make it easier for both the insurance customer and the insurance agent to do business with.   

Home Insurance Claims

Claims handling is the most important part of the insurance policy. This is the reason that we purchase an insurance policy in the first place. Safeco Insurance claims have been excellent. They have been very responsive and quick to settle claims. The claims satisfaction reports that we are seeing have been very strong. Which from an insurance agent perspective, this gives us a lot of confidence to write insurance policies and offer the Safeco Insurance Quotes.

Minnesota Insurance Quotes

If you would like a quote on your Minnesota Home Insurance, we can make it very easy on you. We have link that enables you to send your insurance policy information to us. We have easy to use fillable quote forms. Or we can have 10 minute phone conversation to collect the information on your home. Any way works for us. (763)767-0522.

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