Best Home Insurance 2021

Working with 10+ Insurance Companies, we are able to see changes each company makes year after year. There are changes to rates and coverage almost every year.  This year, in my opinion, the best insurance company when it comes to rate and coverage is Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide Insurance is one of the few insurance carriers that have stayed away from adding coverage limitations to their home insurance policy.  Hail damage is the most costly loss to home insurance in the state of Minnesota.  To try to limit the loss exposure, most insurance companies have gone to some version of limiting exterior coverage or raising deductibles. Nationwide has avoided taking these measures, which means their insurance policy provides a more comprehensive coverage compared to most insurance companies when it comes to hail damage.  Maybe they will reduce some coverage in the future, but up to this point, they have not.  

Excellent Claims Experience

The Nationwide Claims Satisfaction surveys rank very high not only in Minnesota but across the country.   This is so important for us insurance agents. It means that we can put our trust in this company. We know if we place home insurance with this company, that our insurance customers will be taken care of when it comes to claim time.  

Great Home Insurance Rates

Going on the third year in a row, Nationwide’s Home Insurance rates have been amongst the best in the entire insurance industry.  They are not the best on every single risk, but nearly 7 out of the 10 home insurance quotes that we do work on are being written with Nationwide Insurance . This has been especially helpful with our New Home Buyer Market.  First time home buyers need to keep their annual home insurance premium down to help qualify for their new home mortgage.  Thankfully, we are able to keep insurance costs down which helps qualify for this new mortgage.   

Who knows what 2022 will bring, but in 2021, in my opinion, Nationwide Insurance is the best home insurance company that we work with.   

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