4 Most Common Home Insurance Claims

Just like we as people can be fragile and brittle in the bitter cold winter months of Minnesota.  So can our homes. Things break easily in the cold winter weather.   Here are the 4 most common home insurance claims in the state of Minnesota.  

  1.  Frozen or Broken Pipes — When a pipe bursts, water continues to flow freely until the main water line is shut off. This free flowing water can do a tremendous amount of damage.  If you are away from home or out of town, you will be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your flooring, walls and personal property.  Water mitigation costs are very costly to dry our your home, prevent mold and replace your damaged materials.  
  2. Ice Dams — When water backs up in your gutters and freezes, this creates what’s called an Ice Dam.  Water now has no where else to go.  With water following the least path of resistance, it will work its way into your home damaging ceilings, walls and windows.  
  3. Trees falling on your home –  Trees like our own human body limbs are brittle in the freezing cold.  This makes them more susceptible to cold winds.  Limbs that fall on homes can damage roofs, siding, electrical connections, plus potentially some interior damage.  
  4. Slips and Falls – Of course in Minnesota, the ice, snow, and blustery conditions create slippery conditions.  It takes one welcomed or unwelcomed visitor to fall on your sidewalk.  Make sure you are maxing out your Home Insurance Liability coverage to help defend against these liability claims.  You can shovel and salt and it is still slippery.  Friends can get unfriendly real quick when they see a large medical bill and want you to be responsible.   Home Insurance Liability helps protect you from lawsuit.  

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