3 Reasons to Review your Insurance Every Year

Insure Your Property

Make sure all or your belongings are insured.   Throughout the year, your insurance needs may have changed.  Believe it or not, there are times that we have discovered that one of our insureds had not added a car to their car insurance.  Yes, it happens.  Or maybe a newly married couple did not add their expensive wedding ring to the home insurance policy.  An annual review insurance review is a simple way to go over any changes or additions that need to be made to your personal property.

Car Insurance Changes & Home Insurance Changes

It’s possible the insurance companies car insurance or home insurance policy coverage has changed.  This is going on right now with our insurance companies. Specifically with home insurance.  Insurance companies are limiting insurance coverage. This means that they are reducing your policy coverage. A review can help make sure that you are covered correctly.  Maybe you decide that is no longer worth keeping the full coverage on your older vehicle and you decide to carry liability only on your car insurance. With your home insurance, you can discuss any policy changes and how they may affect you. You can discuss if the dwelling coverage on your home is enough to cover should there be a fire or tornado that damages your home. Maybe you have finished your basement or updated materials in your kitchen and you need to increase policy coverage.

Save Money on your Car Insurance and Home Insurance

You might be able to save money on your car insurance and home insurance policies. Your Insurance Company is most likely raising rates in 2022.  Reviewing your car and home insurance every year can help determine if you are overpaying for insurance. Coverage is the most important aspect of your car and home insurance.  But, there are many great insurance companies to have your business with.  No one wants to pay too much for insurance.  We work with the best insurance companies in the entire insurance industry. They are all raising and adjusting their insurance rates. Reviewing your auto insurance and homeowners insurance can help determine whether you are still competitive within the insurance market.

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