Teen Driving Insurance

Young Drivers Born in 2006 Now Driving

Those teens born in 2006 will be getting their license this year. Well, 2006 didn’t seem that long ago, but now these teens are driving. New drivers in your household can be nerve racking for the entire family. Seeing the price tag on the young driver to your car insurance can be shocking, so brace yourself.

How is Your Teen Driver Rated on Car Insurance?

Teen drivers are not just assigned to one car, they are rated on each car in the household. All vehicles in the house increase and not just the car that your son or daughter are driving. The old way was that your young driver would be rated on one car.

Best Insurance Options for Teen Drivers

The benefit that our insurance agency has is that we work with a few insurance companies, so we have a few good options for young drivers. Contact our office to review your car insurance policy. It’s free and painless. You may save hundreds of dollars. Fill out our quick contact form for us to review and offer a quote comparison to your policy.

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